Interview mit dem aktuellen 9-Ball Weltmeister Fedor Gorst (RUS)

August 2020
First of all, I would like to introduce my Interview Partner. His Name is Fjodor Alexejewitsch Gorst, named Fedor Gorst. He ist the First Member of 2020 Mosconi-Cup Team 2020, 2-Times World Champion in 9-Ball (2017 in Junior and 2019 in Men Division). Also, he is Member of the National Russian Pool Billiard Team and winner of many European Championships. His Age is actual 20 Years.

Thank you, Fedor, for being so kind to answer this Questions.

  1. How are you currently, Fedor?
    Currently, I’m staying safe and back to the normal practice routine. Poolhalls are open in Moscow, so we are kind of lucky to have a chance to practice and play the game we all love.
  2. How did your world change after the world championship title?
    Honestly, I was thinking of some big changes, not only in my life but also in my mind, but they didn’t happen. I still strive to win every match I play in and try to progress every day. Obviously the COVID situation killed some opportunities which I had in my mind, but it didn’t kill my desire to become better.
  3. Have you been able to realize the size of your title both personally and athletically for you?
    Yes, I understand how big of a win that is. I feel lucky to win such a big event at the age of 19. That was always my dream and the main goal for years. I’m very happy to achieve that fast.
  4. What is your plan for the time of Corona? –
    My plan is to keep working and getting better every day. Physically, mentally, intellectually. We don’t know when tournaments are going to start, but whoever has a chance and discipline to work hard they will be ready to play at any moment.
  5. You are known for showing little emotion during a game. How do you look inside? –
    I’m not trying to show any emotions, cause I think that’s a weakness. When I see that some of my opponents smashing their cues of the table or throwing their chalks on the ground, I know they have no chance:) But deep inside I feel the pressure and trying to deal with it in every match, so I’m more less the same player as any on the tour.
  6. What brought you to billiards? –
    it’s a long story. My parents had an 8ft Russian pyramid table in our house, I liked to throw balls when I was a kid, then my father decided to make it more serious and hired a coach for me when I was 6, that’s where it all started…After changing coach after coach we finally made a decision that I have to play pool, because there was more opportunities in pool at that time and I liked the game more, cause I was able to pocket a ball easier 😊
  7. Which billiard athletes shaped you the most? Do you have a role model, if yes, which one?
    Niels Feijen was always an inspiration for me, I like the way he plays, but what I really like is that he works hard and takes everything professionally. I’m trying to be the same, but it’s tough…
  8. In the meantime, you have started giving training. How is this training different from what you received?
    Yes, I started an online coaching in April. Me and my girlfriend decided to give lessons online firstly because we wanted to sharpen our language, secondly because we wanted to gain more of a coaching experience and earn some money during this tough time. It worked really well and we had a lot of player texting us with different questions, it was fun for us and I want to thank everyone who reached out us! We are still working with some of them, but currently having less time to do it, due to our own trainings.
  9. I've known you since you first appeared at the European Youth Championship. How has your thinking changed since then and how do you think the youth area differs from the adult area?
    It actually changed a lot. When I was playing in youth division, I wasn’t thinking of becoming a greatest pool player in the world. My goal was to win the European Championship, I was also studying on the side and I wasn’t completely sure if I will be playing pool full time and it will be my job. It changed when I won the World Junior Championship in Moscow, plus Johan Ruysink (my coach) changed my vision on everything I was doing in pool.
  10. What are your goals, what would you still like to achieve in terms of sport? –
    For this year I would to be a part of the Mosconi Cup, that was my second dream all the time. I tried very hard last year, but felt short and lost a match for the last spot in the team. My goal is to be consistent all the time. I still have many tournaments that I want to conquer, but I don’t have a goal to win a certain one.
  11. You followed the 2nd youngest 9-BALL world champion, Joshua Filler from Germany. What do you think of him?
    He is a monster. It’s very tough to realize that I will have to face him for another 10-20? years…hahaha. Honestly, he is an unbelievable player with great fundamentals, always hungry to win and plays in aggressive style. We have known each other for many years and everybody was talking about him when he was playing in youth division already.
  12. What do you think is good about the international scene, what has to change in any case?
    It’s good that Matchroom is taking over our sport once again. I love their events; they are always different to what I’m used to play here in Europe or in the United States. I really like to play on Eurotours. I think it’s very well-organized tournament, but I hope that someday the prize money will grow. Hard not to mention Kremlin Cup in Russia, which has the biggest payout on the European scene.
  13. What would you advise a beginner to do, what is most important to learn to play billiards? 1. Learn from the best - 2. Work hard - 3. Practice smart - 4. Take pool as a sport and do whatever you can to get better every day
  14. Last question for you. Looking back so far, has your decision to become a billiard athlete paid off?
    Definitely. I love what I’m doing and in the end of the day it’s all that matters.

Please complete the following 5 sentences:

  1. I play billiards … because I love it!
  2. My role model … is Niels Feijen because he takes everything professionally
  3. I will become world champion again because … I want so 😊
  4. My balancing sport is … swimming.
  5. My current sponsors are…: CueTec, Diamond, Kaspersky.
    I would like to thank you for patiently answering these questions. Stay save and Healthy, hopefully we will see us soon at the next EPBF Tournament in 2021.
    Many thanks.


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