Interview mit dem Weltmeister im Behindertenbillardsport Fred Dinsmore (IRE)

August 2020
First of all, I would like to introduce my Interview Partner. His Name is Fred Dinsmore, one of the most successful Pool Players in the World. 5 Times World Champion in three Cuesports (Pool, Snooker and Blackball) in Wheelchair Division.
Thank you for being so kind to answer my questions.

  1. How are you currently, Fred?
    I’m ok. Obviously, lockdown hasn’t been easy and for the first time that I can remember i won’t be playing events for the rest of the year so I’m using the break to reset and make some important changes for next year.
  2. How did your world change after the 1. world championship title?
    Mainly I think it proved to me that I can win the big events.
  3. Have you been able to realize the size of your title both personally and athletically for you?
    No, I’m not finished just yet 😂
  4. What is your plan for the time of Corona?
    Making some important changes I’ve changed cue Sponsor to HOW Cues and HOW Tips and in the little time with lockdown etc. it’s looking good. I’m also getting a new table and I’m doing Niels course so even though I’m not competing I’m using the time to make changes. Also not competing this year has obviously helped financially so I can “start fresh” and with a lot less stress hopefully.
  5. You are known for showing emotions during a game. How do you look inside?
    I tend to get frustrated if I’m not playing to the standard, I know I can.
  6. What brought you to billiards?
    I hate losing at anything and it was the only sport I was really good at! 😂
  7. Which billiard athletes shaped you the most? Do you have a role model, if yes, which one?
    Probably Darren Appleton in Pool and Michael Schumacher/Stephen Hendry in other sports - I like champions. Probably in our division it’s Jouni (but don’t tell him) 😂.
  8. You live in Ireland. How is the supporting of Government and/or Federation?
    There isn’t any assistance which is annoying when I’m successful to have no support.
  9. I've known you since i was tournament leader at the World Championship 2012 in Germany. What has change since then in your sportive Life?
    Oh, a lot I obviously teamed up with Johny Vanrijkel and he definitely made a massive difference. I probably lost hunger/desire after 2017 but felt that coming back this year - unfortunately no events but that’s why I’m making changes now for next year. I also took over my own club last year so obviously that slightly diverted my attention but it will be good for future, I hope.
  10. What are your goals, what would you still like to achieve in terms of sport?
    I want to win more WC and EC’s I haven’t won the EC nearly as much as I should have so hopefully there’s a few more there.
  11. In Wheelchair Sports Billiard seems to be one of a kind. What do you think about?
    It’s kind of is particularly at the EC to be playing alongside the Able-bodied Men/Women is great I think we are virtually the only sport to do this. It would be great to have the same at WC maybe with the Women division. Also, I think we need to be with them at some ET’s when things get back to normal…. I think this is very possible coz if we play Saturday and Sunday then our numbers plus the women is less than they started with on the first day (with 2 days to go) so it’s very realistic in my opinion.
  12. What do you think is good about the international scene, what has to change in any case?
    We need to get more countries involved…. the groups on FB prove the players are out there.
  13. What would you advise a beginner to do, what is most important to learn to play billiards?
    Practice and surround yourself with the best people to learn from.
  14. Last question for you. Looking back so far, has your decision to become a billiard athlete paid off?
    Yes - but probably not as much as I would have liked!

Please complete the following 5 sentences:

  1. I play billiards because I like competing and I love winning!
  2. My role model is Darren Appleton/Niels Feijen because of their record and the way the approach our sport in general.
  3. I will become world champion again because - that’s a tough one, I don’t know I will but I’ll certainly try!!!
  4. My balancing sport is - I don’t have one! 😂
  5. My current sponsors are:
    • Fred Dinsmore Billiards
    • HOW Cues / HOW Tips
    • Andy Cloth
    • Volturi Cases
    • Slaney View Honda
    • Ger Dunphy Snooker & Pool
    I would like to thank you for patiently answering these questions. I hope you stay healthy and we see us soon again.


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